You got a glimpse of it last week with my official Power-Con announcement, but here’s the whole megillah – the cover for I HAUNT THE SPACESHIP:

Stories Cover

Pretty cool, right?

The cover comes courtesy of Mark Thorne, an incredibly talented designer/ tattoo artist from Spokane, Washington. (Check out Screamin’ Ink Tattoos!)

The book itself is short, containing three stories that have never seen print before. It will be a Power-Con exclusive, but it may find its way online eventually. Big thanks to the stories’ editors, Chris Carlson and Erica Secor!

It’s currently in the final phases of proofing and typesetting, so I’ll have another update on it before it launches at Power-Con in Los Angeles, August 25th-26th.

One response to “Cover Reveal: I HAUNT THE SPACESHIP”

  1. ericathedavisgirl Avatar

    Such a great collection. AWESOME cover. Congrats Brian!

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