My Close and Personal Friend, Luke Skywalker

My newest article for was posted last week, and I’m still sort of in awe of the response to it. It got some lovely feedback from folks online, people who had fond memories of the subject, the ‘90s The Flash TV show.

One of the first response came from the show’s star, John Wesley Shipp. I’d been complimentary, but not quite glowing, of the series in general, but pointed out some great things about Shipp’s performance. (These compliments were embellished a bit by Colby, who runs the site, but I hardly minded his editorial oversight.) He replied to the tweet and seemed genuinely pleased by the article. This sort of personal interaction was unexpected but incredible for us.

Another reaction, though not in words as such, came from the person who got the most coverage in my article – Mark Hamill. I assume he was only notified of the article and tweet because he was tagged in it, along with Shipp’s responses. (I like to imagine those two still hang out.) He liked the original tweet, along with Shipp’s response and Colby’s response to his response.

I sort of doubt he read the article, but still, it was staggering to a fanboy like myself.

As awful as the internet is (and seriously, it’s the worst) it also allows for wonderful moments of connection like that. I’m not saying it makes Twitter worthwhile (it’s also the worst) but it certainly made my month.

Read the article here!

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