Remember how I wrote a novel in 2015, and then the publisher went out of business and it went out of print almost immediately? I do!

Bad Publicity, the weird little softboiled satirical tabloid noir / ghost story that could (until it couldn’t anymore), is getting a new lease on life thanks to the folks at Optography Press. There’s a lot about this new edition that has me excited – My original prologue has been re-inserted, the dimensions and formatting are more in line with what I had envisioned, and there’s a pulpy new cover and cool little chapter title artwork. Plus the obvious necessities, like fixing the odd typo or two that somehow slipped into the first printing.

Best of all is what’s been done with the in-story gossip magazine articles used as interludes between chapters. These turned out so much better than I could’ve imagined…


The new edition of Bad Publicity will be out this Spring, probably, and I can already tell it’s going to make me a proud book-papa. I hope you all check it out!

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