It turns out I have a website!

Happy 2018, if that’s the sort of thing you celebrate. I’ve never been big on resolutions, but I thought the turn of the calendar would be a good excuse to utilize this website more. I figure I can do some fairly regular updates for news (I’m hoping for a few more publications plus a convention appearance or two) and other general musings (which will most likely just be me talking about weird old cult movies I’ve watched). Maybe once a week? I don’t know. Don’t tie me down.

Plus, I was planning to post this yesterday but I was too hungover. So, not exactly off to a great start.

In terms of other resolutions, I’m planning to up my positivity in 2018. I want to try to focus more on the things that make me happy and less on the things that don’t. (Seeing certain fanboy’s reactions to stuff like Justice League and The Last Jedi certainly inspired this.) I might write about this more later. (Or I might just write about Justice League and The Last Jedi.)

My other big motivation for the year ahead comes from “Doctor Who”, which has been my moral compass for the past decade or so. No spoilers, but at some point in “Twice Upon a Time”, Peter Capaldi says, “Be kind”.

So, that’s it. I’ll be more positive and more kind.

Oh, and I’ll write on here more.

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