MOTU-Cast Episode 3

Doctor G was kind enough to have me on the MOTU-Cast podcast, where we took a look at the second installment of the classic Masters of the Universe mini-comics. We had a great time talking about “The King of Castle Grayskull”, Jack Kirby comics, and all sorts of other geeky goodness. Check it out!  

Movies Watched in January

I’ve never kept track of this sort of thing, but I thought it might be fun for 2018. As it turns out, it’s just showing me the depths of my addiction. Please bear in mind this looked even worse until this past week or so, when the CW/DC Arrowverse shows came back from hiatus…

Make Superman Great Again!

Originally posted on Comic Book Media:
Author Brian C. Baer clearly had some complicated feelings to work through with regard to the recent release and general quality of Justice League. As such, he has been working on this analysis of the film as a reflection of the times that it was created in. While initially a bit unwieldy, Brian has…