Movies Watched in November

This month has taken me over 300 movies for the year thus far.

Out of the 34 flicks in the 30 days, 22 counted towards #Noirvember. I was hoping for a few more, but after all the horror movies in October, I was ready to not follow a script quite so closely.

As far as the noir went, Blast of Silence, The Killers, and The Killing were three new-to-me movies I really enjoyed. Beyond that, I watched V for Vendetta on Bonfire Night as usual, and I was obliged to watch Solo and Rogue One for this year’s Life Day celebrations.

Plus the third sequel to the remake of Death Race 2000 was finally released after being shelved for nearly a year, so I had to jump all over that one. Completists gotta complete, yo.



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